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CIBCO Real Estate Developers


Today and in the Future: This is how we work

Building for the future means that what we build today must also meet future requirements for high ethical standards and well thought-out environmental work. The strength behind CIBCO is valued by our ability to build for the future.

CIBCO is a major player on the market and have the opportunity to influence on how areas will be developed when it comes to infrastructure, who it should fit and what local services to be in short reach.

Good location is the prerequisite of our business. All our projects are easy to access and within near distance to necessities such as malls, educational institutions, restaurants, airport and the capital, Beirut.

CIBCO is in close relation to the end-users throughout the whole buying process – from first interest, to the signing of contracts, interior selections, and also a couple of years after the residents have moved in.

We are fully aware of the importance of interior aspects and finishes when choosing a home, but equally important is the feeling and the expectations on a better quality of life. That is why our extra focus lays on creating beautiful, well-designed homes to suit our residents’ needs.

Concept Phase
As a developer, CIBCO already has the vision of the area before investing in the land. Once CIBCO owns the land, the work continues with a deeper analysis and planning both of the area and the construction, but also in more detail for whom they are intended.

Sales Start
When you buy a new home from CIBCO, you will be part of the project in an early step. We begin selling the apartments at least two years before moving in, and often several months before the start of construction. This means that our clients are able to take part in the selection of features for their new home.

The best assurance for a continuing value of your personal real estate investment is to deal with a substantial, experienced developer. CIBCO offers its clients financing solution from cooperating banks, individual housing plans and profitable investment opportunities.

Occupancy and Service Responsibilities
At the time when construction is completed and our residents have moved in, CIBCO is still there to overlook the maintenance and security. We take care of all issues and potential problems in order to make your home as hassle-free as possible.

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