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New Sky Brochure

The new brochure of Sky Towers is available now!

Contact Hassan Awada on for your own copy.

9 Responses to New Sky Brochure

  1. Houssam Moghrabi says:

    Hi. Could u pls send me the brochure for the Sky Towers project. Thx.

    • Hassan Awada says:

      Dear Sir,

      This e-mail has been sent to you,

      If you requires more information, do not hesitate to contact anytime.

      Best regards,

  2. Youssef Rteil says:

    Hi Hassan

    Kindly, send me copy of the brochure in a pdf form.

  3. Habib says:

    Hey sirs,

    Kindly , send me copy of the brochure of sky tower.


  4. Hassan Awada says:

    Dear Mr. Habib,

    Thanks for you interest in Sky-Towers Project,

    E-mail has been sent with your requirements,

    Please do not hesitate if you need more information’s


  5. Habib says:

    Dear Mr Hassan,

    Kindly, re send email because I have not received the copy of the brochure of sky tower yet .


    • Hassan Awada says:

      Dear Habib,

      Kindly check your spam folder, and contact us again or you may call us at anytime: 01/ 999 665

      Best reagrds,

  6. Hawraa Ahmad says:


  7. Hassan Awada says:

    Dear Hawraa,

    How may I help you please?

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