TF 2, 3 Bedrooms, 248 sqm

Omnia, Downtown Beirut

Downtown Beirut from a different dimension

As a resident in Omnia you will be privileged by a home which reflects your social identity, success and personal fulfillment. The lofty 248 sqm apartments are filled with art and beauty coalesce, giving you the intimate space and comfort zone you deserve. The renowned architect Joe Geitani has put his touch both in the exterior as well as the interior structure and design of Omnia, creating those well-planned three-bedroom apartments including five bathrooms, three balconies and a separate bedroom for the maid. Estimated completion date is December 2016. View floor plan here. Please note, features are subject to change.

Hassan Awada

Sounds interesting? Contact Hassan! Tel: +961 3 396 269

Type: Apartment
Size: 248 sqm
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 5
Balconies: 3

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