We believe in developing landmark projects that offer an upscale lifestyle for the community

Developing Upward

Since the very beginning, CIBCO has been about building communities & developing lives. During the 1970’s, CIBCO developed large commercial and residential properties and improved infrastructure in Latin America and co-founded one of the most famous crowded business trade areas in Paraguay “Ciudad del Este”. In the 1980s, CIBCO entered the US market, successfully developing a country club community in Fort Myers and Galleria International – Miami, Florida. In the 1990s, the focus was on Lebanon, where CIBCO’s main goal was to elevate the residential opportunities thus developing major projects such as: Al Majal, Sky Towers, J Towers And Omnia, with each development designed to bring an evolved level of lifestyle to its residents.

The Man With A Vision

A visionary leader and tireless hard worker, Mohamad Jebai is an internationally recognized businessman in the fields of economics, finance and real estate development. Driven by his bold and innovative approach, Mohamad Jebai’s signature real estate projects have been developed across continents and earned landmark status.

Always with an eye on the future, Mohamad Jebai is passionate about using his influence to shape the next generation of leaders, he is known for his commitment to speaking the truth, no matter how controversial, and of being fearless in challenging and disrupting the traditional narrative.

Mohamad Jebai considers his Lebanese identity as his badge of honor, and believes his finest accolade is the love shown to him by the people of Paraguay. His belief in a better future for Lebanon is reflected in his real estate developments, whose mission is to improve the quality of life. For Mohamad Jebai, Lebanon has always been an inspiration to the region. He believes the country has the potential to become the ideal vision of a nation due to its openness to the world and the merits of globalization.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life

Omnia Bldg,
Downtown, Beirut